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1800W Compact Hair Dryer Heat Protection & Diffuser 3 Airflow setting Strong Cool Foldable
10.900 KD
The Panasonic hair curler with straightener is a perfect tool for all your hair styling needs. The straightening iron is structured in a round shape which means that you can style your hair straight or curl it into simple wavy hair without folds. You can have your hair styled effortlessly with minimum damage. Get this sleek hair straightening iron, and have your hair softer, smoother, and shinier.
9.000 KD
Get a stylish look with this hair dryer from Panasonic. Make a perfect celebrity feel with this piece of tool, as it helps you to groom in a right way. With this set of hair dryer, your hair will be cared delicately and thus make your look like a diva style. The product not only gives your hair a soft and a glossy finish, but it helps to provide the right conditioning for shiny, frizz-free hair, in giving a precise styling and perfect touch-ups. Make your every outing the best with this lightwei
6.500 KD
The Panasonic EH-ND13 hair dryer is an efficient beauty product. You can experiment with new hairdos every day with the help of this Panasonic hair dryer. The cool air selection of the EH-ND13 hair dryer seals the shine and fixes the style you create. The Panasonic hair dryer operates on a healthy mode generating an air-flow of 50 degree Celsius in temperature. This healthy mode protects your hair by retaining the shine and volume. Body the stylish Panasonic eh-nd13 hair dryer has a sleek body w
6.900 KD
The Panasonic EH KA81 W 865 Hair Styler enables you to achieve a salon like looks in the comfort of your home. If you are looking for hair straighteners online you will find this nifty gadget will meet most of your styling needs. The device has a multitude of attachments and allows you to create a broad range of hairstyles. This hair styler comes with a blow brush, air iron, and an adjustable roller brush, which will provide you with the desired look for the day in a matter of strokes. The Panas
11.500 KD
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA11 It comes with 1 attachment of a blow brush, which helps you easily blow dry your hair for any occasion. With this new attachment you can try an endless number of styles to suit your mood that day. It helps to dry your hair and also enhances the volume and adds bounce to your crown.
7.250 KD